Friday, 31 October 2008

Breast Awareness Cards

I am about to leave to go up to the hospital to have a bit of seroma drained from under my arm, Dracula is obviously a bit kinky on the 31st!

I have over the past week made a few! cards to take up to the Breast Care unit to sell onto increase their funds a bit and also for patients/friends of patients to buy just to say.... I'm thinking of you...

I'm being a bit cheeky and entering the cards into two blog candy blogs too....

Suzanne over at


Zoe over at
who both have beautiful and generous candy on their blogs in support of Breast Awareness. Thank you both for making your blog anniversary's a celebration of Awareness.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

part two ;-)

Thank you for all the comments on my last post.. and apologies for the delay in getting this post on line. I will get round to everyones blog individually over the next few days.

I stayed at my sisters at the weekend as her children went away with their dad so it was company for both of us. I did an interview with a local reporter on Monday to highlight hereditary breast cancers and to give some much needed PR for the genetic service and the local Macmillan drop in centre.

Last friday I ended up having to have some more seroma drained off... and it looks like I might have to go up again... as it looks like I have grown a small breast!

The time I spent in hospital set me up for afternoon naps! I had a 4 hour one this afternoon. The thought of keeping extra warm is a pull too, isnt it? its freezing...

Apart from tiredness and a bit of dizziness now and again.. tempered with a bit of nausea I am feeling fine.

Still not had any diet coke.... go me!!!

I will upload the cards I have made tomorrow.. I'm off for a nosey around the net now.. I am so out of touch with any new crafting items to *want* but not need.. ;-)

Thursday, 23 October 2008

Cooooeeee blogging world, I'm home....

Gosh, h ave you seen my title? Anyone would think I had one of those blogs that get a 100 hits plus a day... so start again>>>>>

Coooeee my wonderful blogging buddies... I'm home...

My operation went very smoothly on the Wednesday morning, Came around in recovery gabbled a bit to the nurses , zonked again and then came around in the Ward, both my sisters were there although I didn't remember that until the night.. a couple of hours after I came around, they let me have a cuppa tea... BLISS! about half hour after that, i had the most painful pins and needles in my left hand, I mentioned it to the aux nurse who went to get the Sister, in the meantime..... on looking down, there was blood everywhere... then all these very calm doctors gathered around taking bloods for grouping etc and a mention of a transfusion made me a bit more alert.. YUCK. Then my fantastic Consultant arrived and said he would have to take me down to surgery again...that was after using the heel of his hand to assist the draining ... bleurgh.... he almost filled a drain bottle, (well it is near Halloween) that hurt!. I was sooo unlike me..... super cool, waving to my bed buddies on the way out, with a cheery..... " Won;t be long, see you soon "

Awoke back on the ward, pressure bandaged up.... no need for a transfusion.. phew....

Will be back tomorrow with the rest of my week, I'm sooo tired now...

Thank you to Chris and Tina for my lovely cards,,, they were beeeeeeeautiful.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

See you all soon!

I'm 3 weeks late in uploading this as my god sons 21st was on the 24th September! Richard prefers to be called Rik, plays in a death metal band, dresses very alternatively, does not know what the word conformity means but is a good lad.

Right this is the last post for a while as in less then 4 hours I will be in the hospital, yep cant sleep even though I'm shattered... Now that is a complete contradiction isnt it!! Stopped drinking milk based drinks at midnight and am boosting my water intake. I have been 11 days without drinking diet coke which is a biggie for me... Go Gina!!!! I am determined to beat this addiction...

Till next week when hopefully I can get back to blogging properly, along with entering a few challenges.

Stay safe xxx

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Bluming eck! I almost did it again...

There I was having a looksee around this here blogging tinternet.... and this bright idea came to me that I would really like a three column blog like Emmas. I found one and thought... yep I'm going to go for this... I even went to save current settings but somehow it wouldnt save.. ( must be me!!!)

Then I stopped!!!!! as if I had gone ahead I would have lost it all again... YIKES!!!!

So I will have another try tommorrow when I do get around to blog hopping and commenting...

I'm going to make a neon flashing sign or something when it comes to me and my bright ideas...

Friday, 10 October 2008

I'm here... still.

Quick update..... I go into hospital on Wednesday morning... de ja vu? hehe

I have had woman flu that pretended it was man flu so I have spent time in bed reading..

I have made some cards for the Breast Care Unit which I will upload later.... and tomorrow I'm going to have a blog hopping day...

Spent some time helping my sister out and a couple of friends who are going through a hard time...

I have bought some crafty stuff ( pats self on back for selling stuff on ebay to finance purchases) I bought the heart nestibilities along with the scalloped edged ones too... I so love Cut@home... :D

Catch you later, you bunch of fabulous women.. ( and maybe the odd fella or two?)