Monday, 29 December 2008

No cards just an update on my absence.

Having been away from my blog for so long now, its like starting over again......

Since my last post way back in the second week of November I have had a raging infection in my wound which was so bad that it ached to use my left arm.... yep I'm left handed! and combined with my pc keep shutting down... it made for a no show from yours truly...

Ten days ago just as the infection had started to go... a discovery was made as to why it was taking so long... I'm diabetic! with extremely high blood sugar results.. 27.1 on the last one... I'm seeing the doctor this morning for fasting cholesterol and another finger prick to see what the result is today.. I have been put on two different medications... the side effects of one is that you lose weight.. YAY!! and the other that you gain weight.. BOO!

I need to go visit the blogs of the people who left comments in my absence and to upload some cards that I received for my birthday and Christmas.

Thank you to ...... Linda, Chris, Emma and Tina xxxx