Saturday, 20 June 2009

Out of hospital and home now :-)

Hello out there :-)

Thank you for the messages left and the texts from Emma (Elf)

I came out on Monday afternoon and spent a few days with my sister. Being home now has shown me the meaning of frustration!!! All those jobs that *need* doing but can't be done.... My sister has just been around to do my hoovering, bless her... luckily she brought her dyson too because mine burnt out just before I went into hospital.... sods law eh!?

Feeling a bit 'ouch' at the moment but tonnes better than I did at the beginning of the week... (said with pride)>>>> I can get out of bed without looking like a beached whale struggling.... !!

I ended up having a full hysterectomy instead of key hole but never mind, its done now. More recovery time than I would have had but I have to focus on the fact that for this pain and frustration I now have less fear and worry about my reproductive organs being affected by the cancer gene...

Had a almighty scare the night of my surgery..... there's me pressing that morphine pca button like its going to run out if I don't press it.... and in the mist I heard the porter say something about the battery on the bed, bearing in mind I got back on the ward at 1945. I drifted in and out of sleep until almost 3am when I woke more alert than a child waiting for Santa to arrive! I pressed the bed button thing to raise the top of the bed and it was a bit too high so pressed slightly for it to go down again, it kept going!! .. *gulp* It would not go up again and I was hanging on for dear life to the sides of the bed (good job they still had the bed guards up) I was panicking as I could feel my stomach being stretched..... the lady in the bed next to me raised the alarm as I couldnt reach the nurse alarm.... I was mortified when they arrived and stood there, looking at me....

I'm normally a very easy patient in hospital but the panic and the pain brought something out in me, I was saying very loudly " GET ME UP, GET ME UP, DON'T JUST STAND THERE, GET ME UP, GET ME OUT OF THIS BED" They were pressing the button and at the same time saying I must have pressed it into that position, I practically screamed at them that I had both hands on the rails so how could I have done that! One of them then plugged the bed in!!! and was able to raise the top half of the bed then.... They still maintained that I must have done something!!! Luckily other patients had witnessed what had happened as well as myself.

I did take this up with one of the Registrars and a Senior Nurse the next day, not sure if I should put something in writing...

It made me really anxious about doing anything to raise or lower the bed....

I'm hoping it has not made a difference to my healing, the wound looks ok. It's a wonder I didnt swear at them I was so scared at the time...

Gosh, don;t I go on!

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Going into hospital

Hello out there :-)

Just thought I would quickly update my blog, no cards at the moment although I have made some, but finding time to even get the camera out seems to be at a long list of things... but I'm going to have time to do all that when I come out.

I go in on Thursday for a hysterctomy, there is nothing wrong, it's precautionary due to my high ovarian cancer risk because of this evil mutant BRCA 2 gene... Anyway, it'll be four less things to worry about.... ovaries, tubes, cervix and womb.... I was cheeky and asked for a tummy tuck too.. obviously he said no. The Consultant said that most women ask for that too... ;-)

I did a silly thing... decided to decorate the spare room, move my craft room upstairs... at the moment its in a tiny conservertory which is affectionately known as the Tupperware room due to the amount of large storage drawers I have in there to ensure my papers etc do not fade with the sun.... so as well as about 8 - 10 paperwork things to tackle before Wednesday evening and getting some more pjs etc, I also have a whole room to finish and get up the stairs...

If I don't get a chance beforehand, I'll be back after with time to craft and post to my hearts content I hope.

Take care xxx