Saturday, 1 November 2008

Please bear with me....

I'm having a play with blogger and will be adding to the side bars. if you were a follower can you re add if it doesn't do it automatically please..

I also want to be able to put a watermark on my photos so if anyone knows of a very simple to understand site ... shout my way... LOUD!!

I have a bit of a cold and am aching from yesterday so thought at least I could make a start on sorting out my blog..

Thanks a million


CraftyTracy said...


Take care hope you are okay, Photobucket, lets you add a watermark really easily.


Emma said...

Hey babe I like it! Its very you. Hope you are ok hun. Speak soon. Hugs Em.x

Elaine said...

Thanks for linking my candy :) Good Luck!!

Wow, we have stuff in common, both Scorpios and I am also left handed lol!!

Elaine x

Sarah C said...

I love the new look blog. Hope you warmed up and feel a bit better now xxx

Cazzy said...

I want to know that too! I think I can do it in Serif but I have to put every photo though there first to do that.