Sunday, 1 February 2009

Update on Steph

:-) Good news is that Steph has had her first lot of treatment with Dr Vogl in Germany. He scanned her liver and said that he would be able to use the treatment on all the tumours that are there :-) She is back home now and is very tired. She was'nt able to have her normal chemo on Thursday due to her white blood count being too low..... this could have been because she had only had the treatment in Germany a few days beforehand..

Her next lot of treatment is due on the 20th Feb, the fundraising is still ongoing for that treatment, there was a fabulous fund raising evening on the 23rd January, many artists gave their time for free and a really good evening was had with lots of fundraising activities as well such as two lads who had leg waxes and one of them had his hair shaved... my niece did the pulling off of the waxing strips... shes evil !!!!! for a 12 year old... her friend also did the other leg... and they were pretty hairy... OUCH!

Stephs postman is doing as much fundraising at his depot and out and about to raise funds for the final treatment... what a fella eh!

I'm posting a video of Debbie Brewer who was Steph and Ali's inspiration behind the treatment - be warned, this might make you gulp back a few tears. A brave brave lady. This was taken last year after Debbies first treatment, when the treatment had shrunk the tumour by 18%, now it is 56% smaller..and in partial remission. she is due to go back in March. Dr Vogl sounds like my Consultant Mr Drabble. (By the way... if anyone is on facebook, please join my group called "We love Mr Drabble" )

The link to Debbies interview with the BBC.


maddy hill said...

thank you for the update G - much appreciated ! and what great news eh ?

I watched the link - anoying that the treatment is availble here , but only for some - must be so frustrating for the ones that need it ...

and g thanks for all the work you have done on this to , to spread the word on it ... I hope it all helps that lady - i know some of my friends have been here donating . x
take care
love maddy x

Donna said...

Fantastic news about Steph, thank you so much for keeping us updated. You have all done so much fantastic work fundraising, bless you. I'm off to watch Debbie's video now. Take care. Donna x

a message from gillyflower said...

what brave ladies
what wonderful news that the treament it doing it's job but so sad that other people who need it to aren't getting it this should not be
good luck to them all hope things get a little easier for them
my mom had breast cancer but unfortunately is too weak for treatment due to other ilnesses but i know if she wasn't we would want any treament availible for her
if these treaments are there everyone should be able to have them