Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Going into hospital

Hello out there :-)

Just thought I would quickly update my blog, no cards at the moment although I have made some, but finding time to even get the camera out seems to be at a long list of things... but I'm going to have time to do all that when I come out.

I go in on Thursday for a hysterctomy, there is nothing wrong, it's precautionary due to my high ovarian cancer risk because of this evil mutant BRCA 2 gene... Anyway, it'll be four less things to worry about.... ovaries, tubes, cervix and womb.... I was cheeky and asked for a tummy tuck too.. obviously he said no. The Consultant said that most women ask for that too... ;-)

I did a silly thing... decided to decorate the spare room, move my craft room upstairs... at the moment its in a tiny conservertory which is affectionately known as the Tupperware room due to the amount of large storage drawers I have in there to ensure my papers etc do not fade with the sun.... so as well as about 8 - 10 paperwork things to tackle before Wednesday evening and getting some more pjs etc, I also have a whole room to finish and get up the stairs...

If I don't get a chance beforehand, I'll be back after with time to craft and post to my hearts content I hope.

Take care xxx


Sammi said...

Hello G! Just wanted to send you lots of BIGHUGS! hope that the operation goes well! Will be thinking of you!

Christine (Craftling) said...

Hi, G.. Will be thinking of you, and just make sure you're not doing too much when you come home after the op.. Don't you DARE get moving stuff, so if you don't get your craft room moved upstairs in time, you can only move the rest one sheet of paper at a time, and then only if you have a 'pzzzzzt' to carry you upstairs!! (You KNOW what I mean! lol)

Take care.
Chris xx

Emma said...

Oh Gina sending you big hugs for Thursday babe. Will be thinking of you and if you need anything please just shout. Big hugs Em.x

Donna said...

Will be thinking of you and wishing you a speedy recovery. Donna x