Saturday, 20 June 2009

Out of hospital and home now :-)

Hello out there :-)

Thank you for the messages left and the texts from Emma (Elf)

I came out on Monday afternoon and spent a few days with my sister. Being home now has shown me the meaning of frustration!!! All those jobs that *need* doing but can't be done.... My sister has just been around to do my hoovering, bless her... luckily she brought her dyson too because mine burnt out just before I went into hospital.... sods law eh!?

Feeling a bit 'ouch' at the moment but tonnes better than I did at the beginning of the week... (said with pride)>>>> I can get out of bed without looking like a beached whale struggling.... !!

I ended up having a full hysterectomy instead of key hole but never mind, its done now. More recovery time than I would have had but I have to focus on the fact that for this pain and frustration I now have less fear and worry about my reproductive organs being affected by the cancer gene...

Had a almighty scare the night of my surgery..... there's me pressing that morphine pca button like its going to run out if I don't press it.... and in the mist I heard the porter say something about the battery on the bed, bearing in mind I got back on the ward at 1945. I drifted in and out of sleep until almost 3am when I woke more alert than a child waiting for Santa to arrive! I pressed the bed button thing to raise the top of the bed and it was a bit too high so pressed slightly for it to go down again, it kept going!! .. *gulp* It would not go up again and I was hanging on for dear life to the sides of the bed (good job they still had the bed guards up) I was panicking as I could feel my stomach being stretched..... the lady in the bed next to me raised the alarm as I couldnt reach the nurse alarm.... I was mortified when they arrived and stood there, looking at me....

I'm normally a very easy patient in hospital but the panic and the pain brought something out in me, I was saying very loudly " GET ME UP, GET ME UP, DON'T JUST STAND THERE, GET ME UP, GET ME OUT OF THIS BED" They were pressing the button and at the same time saying I must have pressed it into that position, I practically screamed at them that I had both hands on the rails so how could I have done that! One of them then plugged the bed in!!! and was able to raise the top half of the bed then.... They still maintained that I must have done something!!! Luckily other patients had witnessed what had happened as well as myself.

I did take this up with one of the Registrars and a Senior Nurse the next day, not sure if I should put something in writing...

It made me really anxious about doing anything to raise or lower the bed....

I'm hoping it has not made a difference to my healing, the wound looks ok. It's a wonder I didnt swear at them I was so scared at the time...

Gosh, don;t I go on!


bubblegum said...

Wow Gina you are out already - that was quick. I know what a full hyterectomy is like - but the healing won't take that long if you are a good girl and don't lift anything before you are allowed. :) The episode with the bed sounds terrible and I am sure you did panic. But you are at home safe and sound now. :)
Take good care of yourself


CraftyTracy said...

G - your home.

Bloomin monster hospital bed, picking on my matey. Take it easy, do exactly as they tell you. I did, still am. Dale knows no different lol!!!

We will go for coffee in a couple of months when you are better and more willing to go out in public.


Macpurp said...

Hope you are taking it easy and on the mend my lovely!
listen to Debbie, no bending, lifting or driving heavy machinery!

heal soon.

lots of love tina x

Christine (Craftling) said...

Hi, Gina.. Good to hear you're home and in one piece! Bed incidents notwithstanding. ;o)

Get better soon.

Chris xx

Cazzy said...

I also have been there got the T shirt, and they didn't give me a morphine pump, don't remember much in the way of pain relief being provided but I guess there must have been, but the journey home a week later was so painful!!!

How awful to have such a scare in hospital, flippin nurses! When I was in they were having an orgy every night in the ward office when they thought all were asleep but I couldn't sleep due to the heat and noise from the club next door, and general hospital noise so was up a lot to the loo.

I hope you recover quickly and don't get the complications I had, make sure you rest and do as you are told - nothing!

Cazzy x

michele said...

Hello Gina,
I do hope you are feeling better and not in any more crazy beds. Sometimes the staff are a bit dozy, so you must be very direct with them.

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Best wishes, Gina! No pushing and pulling anything. Michele x