Saturday, 11 July 2009

I'm making cards for

Have a look at the above link, I saw some details at the Race for Life about the Relays... its a team event (8 - 20 in the team) who have to stay on the track for 24 hours, not all of them! Just one person can be on the track at any given time. ... At the start of the event is a Survivours lap of honour, if you register as a Survivour you get sent a tee shirt and a lapel pin saying Survivour. There will be lots of fund raising throughout the day and during the evening there will be a ceremony when candles will be lit in the shape of the word HOPE. I envisage it will be a very emotional day as well as an uplifting one....

I contacted the organiser earlier to find out how many teams are taking place so that I can make them a thank you card, so will be cracking on with that over the next couple of days... and am going to make as many as I can of other cards which can be sold on the day... I will up load whatever I make.

Update on how I am doing - I've been fairly good with not lifting etc though have forgotten occasionally, have been a bit wiped out this week with flu like symptoms... its made me behave because I have mainly just been reading... Karin Slaughter books! what an author :-)


CraftyTracy said...

Hi G

take care!! You have found my all time favourite Author. I buy all her books hardback as they come out. I have just bought Genesis. Her new one. I am reading behind my fingers.


Pretty Things said...

I love Karin Slaughter! How many have you read so far?

Take care and listen to your body -- get better....