Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Good news about Steph :o)

Steph and Ali are n Germany at the moment, Steph had her second lot of treatment yesterday... and the results of her first treatment...... I won't keep anyone in suspense... Dr Vogl gave them the fantastic news that the tumour on her liver has shrunk by over 20%..... how fantastic is that... as you can imagine they are both over the moon... Ali will have her partner around for longer even after one treatment.... and Steph will have something so many take for granted..... time..... I keep having a little happy tear...

Also she has been told she has a tumour pressing on her spinal cord that was in the UK going to be treated by radiotherapy .... Dr Vogl had said he can give it a blast with the Chemoembolization to remove it...... yep more tears from yours truly... so i can only imagine how Steph feels.

Take a look here...
This is one of Debbie's groups on facebook to highlight the petition that can be signed online to get Government to allow Chemoembolization here in the UK for all patients with Mesothelioma which would open the doors for ALL patients with cancers that can be treated to do so....

This is the direct link to the petition... don't forget to make sure if you sign it to ensure that you check your email after ( and junk mail) for the confirmation email. Make your vote count. :o)

Fund raising is still continuing to make sure Steph can have the 3rd treatment...

Please pass on the link to all you know to sign the petition... There are people dying when there is no need, make your thoughts known to the Government.

PS I am still making cards!!

Thanks a million and I sincerely hope everyone reading this is happy and healthy xxx

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Update on Steph

:-) Good news is that Steph has had her first lot of treatment with Dr Vogl in Germany. He scanned her liver and said that he would be able to use the treatment on all the tumours that are there :-) She is back home now and is very tired. She was'nt able to have her normal chemo on Thursday due to her white blood count being too low..... this could have been because she had only had the treatment in Germany a few days beforehand..

Her next lot of treatment is due on the 20th Feb, the fundraising is still ongoing for that treatment, there was a fabulous fund raising evening on the 23rd January, many artists gave their time for free and a really good evening was had with lots of fundraising activities as well such as two lads who had leg waxes and one of them had his hair shaved... my niece did the pulling off of the waxing strips... shes evil !!!!! for a 12 year old... her friend also did the other leg... and they were pretty hairy... OUCH!

Stephs postman is doing as much fundraising at his depot and out and about to raise funds for the final treatment... what a fella eh!

I'm posting a video of Debbie Brewer who was Steph and Ali's inspiration behind the treatment - be warned, this might make you gulp back a few tears. A brave brave lady. This was taken last year after Debbies first treatment, when the treatment had shrunk the tumour by 18%, now it is 56% smaller..and in partial remission. she is due to go back in March. Dr Vogl sounds like my Consultant Mr Drabble. (By the way... if anyone is on facebook, please join my group called "We love Mr Drabble" )

The link to Debbies interview with the BBC.