Saturday, 12 April 2008

This addiction to blogging has curtailed any actual card making this evening! All I have actually done is sort out loads of already coloured in stamped images and have a quick tidy of the scrap paper and card I have... I have set myself a challenge that no matter how many dotties, Georges, PBs, etc that I feel like colouring in... I must make at least 15 cards from my scrap stash first.... we shall see tho!!

Shock horror!!! I just pressed publish post and then went and re read what my name means... How TRUE!!!!!!


Shirley said...

welcome to the world of blogging.

I like the idea of your personal challenge. I to have been busy colouring PB, Dottie, George & PPs instead of making cards.

About a week or two ago I set myself a chalenge to make at least one crafty thing a day. went to plan for a week but ermmmm ive fallen behind.

#Donna# said...

Hi Gina, i'm visiting all the blogs that were put up on do crafts so i have just popped on to say hello. I, like you, am still finding my feet blogging so not much cards are being made at the minute but its great to see everyone else's creations. Good luck with your personal challenge.