Thursday, 24 July 2008

Missed you all

My pc did that breaking down thing again... (insert the look of despair) and then when it was well healthy and back home on its little desk that had missed it so much, I got a sty on my eye (poet or what!) and couldnt manage to look at the screen let alone type anything coherent ( like I do anyway!!!???) but its better now.. still hurts underneath but I'm 'ard and can bear it... ( watch me moan later!)

Update >>
No appointment yet for mastectomy. Received a letter for my pheo check up which I will ring tomorrow to find out the date of the appointment (hosp using a different booking system now )

I have also been cat sitting, bless her Chalky is a pretty white cat who spent the last week here with me, took a few days for her to settle in but then she got well settled and seemed very much at home. Took her home today :( I had her an extra couple of days as I had a pirate day yesterday (pirate day = couldnt open my eye properly) so driving was a bit of a no no.

Have been giving my sister a fair bit support as she copes with her exhusband doing the emotional pressure thing on the children at the same time as threatening her with stopping maintenance/losing their newly built house.. I won't print my thoughts on this here as its an open page, suffice to say I'm sure that I am not alone in my thoughts about the mentality of exes who use their children at the end of a relationship. Its sad enough for the children to know their dad chose another woman over their family life.

I havent done very much crafting.. due to the pirate eye thing... but did today go to the local craft shop, how good was I, I only bought 4 single doodlebug papers... It was quite funny whilst I was there as I was doing the chatting to another crafter about how lovely some papers were but that we were not taken with the prices. All of the sudden she slipped her hand in her pocket and like a secret agent passed me a business card about scrapbooking lessons... I was expecting a steam train to pull away next to us... and for me to fall over in a pair of high stilettos whilst tilting my trilby and adjusting my flasher mac.

I also had a lot of emails from my solicitor to answer so fully expect my system to go all out of sync again as this is what normally happens... I can make a bit more of a start on my book now my eye is not so bad...

Thanks to Emma for her comment that I logged onto earlier on... it does show how blogging is a community ... :o)


Emma said...

Oh its so great to have you back!! I'm not surprised though that you have been MIA with everything thats been going on. If theres anything I can do please shout! Big hugs Emma.x

Heather (Craftling) said...

Hi, sweetie... Glad to see the stye hasn't affected your sense of humour, which is on top form!! lol

Have a wee something on my blog for you. Hope you can open your eyes enough to see it.. It's HERE

Zoe said...

Hi, I've made some cards with the images you sent me, finally! Its taken me a while to get back into the swing of card making after my weekends away and Adam's birthday week away too! Thank you so much it was very kind of you!

Emma said...

Gina,, Gina, won my blog candy!! (£10 voucher for poppicrafts!)
All you need to do is to go to Poppicrafts, set up an account, let me have your e-mail address and then I can transfer it over to you! Voila!
Really glad it was you babe! Hugs Emma.x

Zoe said...

I've left something on my blog for you!