Sunday, 6 July 2008

The next few days

I want to catch up with blogs... :-)

and carry on decluttering here at home.. I really really am fed up with 'things' and how I have spent so much money over the years on replacing things just because... buying clothes, bags, shoes, makeup, etc just because.. I have clothes with tags on in size 8, 10, 12 and 14... and they dont fit... yep I might get down to the 14 but the rest... I seriously doubt it!!!

And the small sizes are things like Laura Ashley dresses bought in 1987!! so good for Ebay almost vintage section.. ;-) so have to get my backside in gear and list them!!!

I also have a very large box of fabric that has been with me for 10 years that I have done nothing with... so tomorrow its going to the Macmillan centre where I know one of the ladies is always wanting good cotton fabric for quilting...

I have four bags of clothes for charity shops..... do you share your charity bags out? I do... luckily they are all close to one another... I feel guilty if I don' friend laughs at me.

What are you doing in the next few days?


Emma said...

Please come to mine and de-clutter for me!! I went to the charity shop last week and the woman could not believe how much stuff I was unloading on her! My next few days will be spent attempting to get some sort of order with the ironing pile..what joy! Hugs Em.x

CraftyTracy said...

glad you had a good couple of days with the family.

I've lost your number and would love to meet up and chat.


Heather (Craftling) said...

Have been thinking about decluttering myself. Feeling a bit clasutrophic with all my 'stuff'!! Could use some extra pennies, too, so Ebay - here I come!!

I also have clothes in a HUGE range of sizes, and like you.. have new things with labels going back to the 80s that I bought as an incentive to lose weight, but never did! (sigh)

Well, enjoy.. It will be so nice to be clutter-free! :o)

Heather xx


Hi G
I have accidentally come across your blog and so glad that i did. I have been reading some of your latest posts and can relate totally with you. I have bin bags full of clothes in the loft, just in case I lose a couple of stone! like you many with labels still on, because it was a bargain, so what if its a little tight, im trying to lost a couple of pound anyway! lol. And the post about eating the haribo's before bedtime, oh thats so me! I adore Haribos especially the tangtastic (minus the marshmallow ones). Loving your card samples too. Would be great if you drop by and email me. Enjoy your evening and de-cluttering. Best wishes Linda x

Emma said...

Hi babe. Just checking that you are ok as we've not heard from you in a while. Will you let one of us know that you are ok? Hugs Emma.x