Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Card magazines

What do you do with yours??

I'm ashamed to say that I am sorting through hundreds of the things at t his moment... 5 years worth to be exact... more than £1k's worth of mainly advertisements so it seems.....

I'm taking out some of the quick make sections and a few odd pages for future inspiration and then will take them to the scrap store. I'm sure they will be made good use of but if anyone has other ideas what they do with their old magazines, I'd be pleased to hear.

I might get some time soon to be able to blog regularly. xx


Cazzy said...

I have done the same, 5 years worth of loads of mags! I had mag mountains.
I started sorting them for the charity shop but my future DIL's sister wanted some so I have sent stacks to her. I still have a pile I can't bear to part with and I file the Craft Stamper ones, but I need to have another dirge soon. I also started tearing out articles but I have a stack to file, and they take up room too.

Cazzy x