Wednesday, 1 April 2009

A few cards at last!! & update on Steph

I made 40 thank you cards for my cousin 's wedding. They were all simply made with embossed plain white card and a few gems.

Below is the Congratulations card I made for my cousin and his new wife.

An assortment of cards made for friends and family recently. I'm a bad blogger by not giving details of what products I used but will get back into the swing of blogging soon I hope.

Steph recently returned from her third trip to Germany for treatment and the results from her second treatment was a further 15% reduction in the liver tumour... all good news :-)


Sarah C said...

I am so pleased that Steph's treatment's working. You must all be so pleased :D

Love all your cards. Well done on the thank you ones and the wedding one is stunning elegance xx

sarah said...

Inventive cards. You've inspired me, I have some birthday thank you's to write, maybe I'll make my own.

Cazzy said...

You have been busy, a nice batch of cards.
I'm glad things are going alright for Steph.

Cazzy x