Saturday, 25 April 2009

Can you help me please?

Can someone tell me the most simple way of posting a picture of someone else's candy with a link so that when a blog visitor clicks on the picture it will take them to the owner of the candy's blog......

Thank you tons and tons xx


Lea said...

Hi Gina,

Just save the picture of the candy to your pc. On your blog click "add a gadget" and opt for picture.

Upload your picture and then add the link and caption if you wish. Once you've uploaded your pic, the option for the link and caption will be beneath it. I hope this helps.

CraftyTracy said...

G go into layout.
Click add Gadget.
Add the gadget marked picture.

Type your Heading and Sub heading.

Put the web address into the url http://

Upload an image of the candy you have previously saved on your computer.