Sunday, 12 April 2009

Anyone going to Devon/Cornwall?? BARGAINS at Trago Mills

A lot of people who live in Devon and Cornwall know of the bargains to be had at Trago mills.. and I know of a lot of friends who live in other parts of the Country who have also bought some really good buys there....

I went to the Liskeard Trago yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to see that they have expanded their craft section which was poor before ( apparently they did this last July but being a hermit I hadn't been there for ages!)

I've posted this mainly so that anyone who is coming this way, saves their crafting money if they can, to enable them to be able to get more for their money....

I think you can see on the photo above the difference in the prices but have made a mental list of some of the things there from the craft essentials leaflet so you can see the difference.

Daisy & Dandilion clear stamps RRP £5.99 - Trago price £3.79
Wheelabe tote RRP £59.99 - Trago price £ 39.95 or 99.. give or take 4 p!
Scalloped Cardstock 12x12 RRP £9.99 - Trago price £6.75 or there abouts, might be slightly cheaper
Alphaminis foam stickers RRP £1.99 - Trago price £1.49 and alphamania cardstock stickers
Cat & Dog Collections RRP £16.99 - Trago price £11.49 or cheaper.
Scalloped cards are between 50p - £1 cheaper than the RRP per pack
All paper flowers, Stamp duos and studded stickers are RRP £ 1.99 - trago price £1.29
Papermania The big one 12x12 papers RRP £14.99 - Trago price £10.79 or slightly less.
Clare Curd clear stamps RRP £5.99 - Trago price £3.79

Sorry I can't remember any other prices. Trago is a bit hit and miss with the products it carries but if you or any of your friends passing by either the Newton Abbot or Liskeard, its worth a crafting visit :-) - Highlight what you want in the craft essentials leaflet, give them the dosh and cross your fingers ;-) ..........