Monday, 27 April 2009

You know those male cards that are a bit harder to make?? well have a read of this

I went over to Tracy's blog to thank her for helping me out with the photo/blog linking thing and spied her newly designed stamps... Little tinker had not even mentioned them to me when we spoke the other day..... She's like that, never one to blow her own trumpet.

Tracy used to work in the local craft shop and through that, we became friends, not that we see each other very often but when we do its like a continuation of our last chat... I like friendships like that :-) Tracy has kindly sorted out some papers for me... which I will collect tomorrow as I'm sort of near hers when I go to the hospital...

Thanks to both Tracy and Lea for their excellent instructions on doing the photo/link thingy..


CraftyTracy said...

Sorry G Gotta keep My babies to myself for a bit of me time, sometimes. LOL!!

Had a lovely time with the catch up chat yesterday, one day you will come and craft not just yap!! Where did the time go!

X Tracy X