Sunday, 17 May 2009

Having a moan..

Today I went to M&S to get fitted for a couple of new bras... since my mastectomy in October I have just been using softies instead of prosthesis after getting an infection which lasted ages and ages down to what we later discovered was diabetes...

Anyway, I have been wearing some vest type tee shirts with inbuilt pockets... at a cost of £19.99 each or two for £35. A bit more expensive than your everyday tee shirt... but thats another moan for another time...

Today's moan is about how M&S advertise themselves as being a leader when it comes to post surgery bras... I will give them 10/10 for the fitters I have met who are trained at the local breast care unit.... but 0/10 for their onsite stock system. If you want to try on and/or buy a mastectomy bra and you live in the south west, you have to travel to Truro... about 1 hour 20 mins for most people but for me it would take a lot longer..... I drive slow! not too slow but slow.

You can buy them online, take them in to a M&S to have a fitting but thats it... They will take them back if they are not a good fit.

Totally no regard for what is for some women a massive step going to get a bra in the first place. No thought that a lot of women post surgery are too tired to be flitting in and out of the town centre in amoung going to the hospital for chemo, etc..

Only a few stores in the UK are stores that will stock the mastectomy range of bras. Our M&S fitters can recommend other bras however, these have to then be sent away by yourself and with extra cost of up to £6 per pocket to be right for a prothesis..

Guess who is writing to the Chairman of M&S?!!!

PS - On the plus side, if you are in need of some new bras, there is 25% off until next Saturday in all M&S's.......


Macpurp said...

this is all a load of pants! or a load of bras i guess. they should be offering the same service in all their shops that sell underwear, as you say it is a big step to go anywhere near getting new bra's when you are post surgery, it should be easier for someone not harder!

hope the MS& chairman listens!
good luck with that.
much love teen xx

Sarah C said...

I don't blame you for having a moan. This is a big thing for any lady in your position and more thought should be given by shops. It is fantastic though, that their fitters are trained properly as that must help heaps. Best of luck in getting what you need xoxo

rozzy said...

Good on you for speaking out, I hope they act on your response.
I wanted to complain to them about putting bras on a hook that you basically had to get down onto the floor to reach..... not ideal for someone who has had a hip replacement and unable to bend down that far.... luckiy a very nice assiatnt came to my aid, but all she could say was that I need to complain to their head office... there is never anyone local to deal with a complaint or suggestion, its always up to us to put it in writing to HO.
Don't know about you, but having to write complaint letters can get very depressing.... I'd rather be crafting :)
I hope you get a good response and may be even a free bra!
take care & good luck
hugs rozzy xx