Saturday, 30 May 2009

A card from Tracys stamps and one from Debbies charity stamp

This is a card I made a couple of weeks ago using the Bonnie Baby stamps from Tracy, have a look at her blog

And one I made the other day from Debbie over at I really can not urge readers enough to go purchase the June charity stamp, its only £3 postage free and a third of the cost Debbie will send to Cancer Research... its a stamp you can use not just for the race for life but also for people who are entering marathons, fun runs, school sports etc.. the race for life text is a seperate stamp from the image. I have combined it with a text stamp I have called 'what cancer cannot do'

If anyone would like me to stamp out and send them some of the 'what cancer cannot not do' text, then please leave me a message in the comment box, I will mail you for your address. The mail will come from which is my outlook express email address.


Kimmi said...

Fab card Gina !! Really like this one as its so close to home. ust got back from doing the race for life myself today, and just seen you've been over to my blog to leave a message.

Good luck for the 11th June - Take it easy!


Kim x

Denise said...

Adorable!!! Got to get that image. I love stamps of babies...

de said...

So cute! Hope your surgery went well@!

Cazzy said...

Lovely cards Gina hunny. I bought that stamp too, had to really.

I hope I will make it make more money for charity when I use it some more, I am not good at getting many cards done lately though.

Cazzy x