Monday, 23 June 2008

Another tagging

I was painting the town red as much as I well as getting in touch with my spiritual side It was two years since my first diagnosis and discounting the first year that was taken up with surgery, chemo and radiotherapy, when I hadnt done that much apart from get by day to day, I was doing what I should have been doing in my late teens/early twenties... it was also 2 years since my marriage had ended and with the year out for medical stuff, I discovered a side of me that needed to play!! ;-)

I was working in a hostel for homeless women and loving it... Attending the Spiritualist Church in Bolton where I made a life long friend, Joanne. I was also loving my home, that may sound strange but after having had a flood that destroyed all of the downstairs and two bedrooms, the house was given a new lease of life at the same time I had been going through some medical stuff... so all in all it was all about starting again... and of course removed all signs of my ex husband and his *tart* (<< not bitter, just honest as to my feelings at the time.. now I don't give a damn, she did me a massive favour!!)

I could give you a list of 5 thousand!! but things that I reckon I will do are...

1. Go to the relaxation group at the macmillan centre... I have been a hermit for far too long and feel the *need* to attend.

2. Email my solicitor this evening

3. Buy some fresh provisions...

4. Make a card for a friend to give her friend for her 60th birthday...

5. Tag people for the questions on my previous tagging and for this one...

Cheese! sadly i'm a bit of cheese addict... cheese on toast with a smattering of worchester or brown sauce with loads of black pepper, cheese and crackers, pringles and dips... any dips!
cheese, crisp and salad cream sandwiches.. (I know!! gross)

I'm not really a sweet snacker... which is a good job considering the calories in the things I do like...

This isnt a snack so much but something that will make anyone reading this doubt my taste buds as well as my 'normalness' I love brussel sprouts with gravy and salad cream... * My sister can not be in the same room when I have this, I wonder why ???? hehehe*
This depends on if it was a million or a few...

A few would allow me to set up a resource to help the most disadvantaged homeless people with no pressure on them having to conform to societies demands but still enable them to be safe and warm.

If it was not enough to do this, and thinking only of me and mine... I'd sell this house, and buy a house over looking the sea... with a veranda! and a large back garden so I could grow my own vegetables and fruit.. obviously it would have a purpose built craft room which had a view of the sea...

I'd make sure my sisters mortgages were paid off.. and my friends Wendy/Richard.

I'd make a donation to the Macmillan Centre and use some of the money to go and visit different countries and experience cultures that I hold in awe.... I would also ensure that I saw the Northern Lights...

I'd put some aside in trust until my nephews and niece reached 21 to help them with what is going on in their lives at that time.

A craft shop would be nice.. ;-)

Totnes, Launceston, Plymouth, Salisbury, Liverpool, Chippingham, Germany, Bolton, Plymouth.

I have to pass this on to 5 others!! and will come back and do that later :0)


Heather (Craftling) said...

I love reading people's responses to these questions! It reveals so much about a person! And the kind of house you would buy sounds EXACTLY like the kind I would buy!! I have always wanted a house overlooking the sea, with a veranda. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE old Victorian American houses with verandas. If you have ever seen the movie 'Stepmom' (one of my favourites), Susan Sarandon's house in the film is my idea of perfect!

kerry said...

Have just sat & read through your answers with interest. Am quite touched at what a selfless person you are, it sounds as if you've been through so much yourself & yet you still think of others & what you would do for them!
I hope you don't mind me saying.
Hugs, Kerry xxx