Saturday, 14 June 2008

Blog hopping is good for the soul

I was feeing particularly lonely and all out of sorts with myself tonight, having not had a few good days... sadly not something I can write about here due to some legal stuff but in the future that will not be a problem, anyway after spending most of yesterday evening, last night and today in bed reading a chicklit book..... anything to distract me from what is going on! and of course downsizing and decluttering my house in preparation for having to sell it.. I sat blog hopping...

Get me, along with the not feeling good about myself I even felt urgh that my blog was lonely having had only two people even pass by in 24 hours.. now that is feeling sorry for myself in the highest, if ever I saw it!!

My hopping led me to which holds not only fantastic inspiration on the card making front but also fantastic tutorials as well. Moreover the side info had a link to ...

which is a blog from a mother who will take your breathe away at her fortitude. Its very sad as well as uplifting in places. You need to read from the bottom up each month and go into archieves to get to the start of the families story...

The music will haunt your soul.... in a good way....


Lizette said...

Gxxx, thank you for "hopping" over to my site. So glad you could visit !
Wow ! You've got your hands full with your life. It sounds to me like you've taken the right path though. My best to you ! Bravo !
I just spent the last hour reading your blog. Fantastic ! Great job.
So glad you found the audrey caroline blog. I cried too. It took me 4 hours to get through the entire blog, partly because I couldn't read through my tears.
Thank you for putting my blog on yours. I'm honored. I will put a link to your blog in mine, I think yours is wonderful !
I hope our paths cross again one day. I hope your life is better tomorrow and even better the next day.

Fe-Fe said...

I'm sorry, I'm a bad blogger! I haven't been doing nearly as much blog hopping as I normal do and I have neglected you and everyone else on my list of favourite blogs to visit. Sometimes life has a habbit of getting in the way of blogging eh?!

I haven't had chance to check out the two blogs you recomended yet as I'm still trying to catch up on my blog roll but when I've finished I will come back and follow your links. Thanks for the recomendations.

Hope you are feeling happier today.

Fe x

kath said...

Sorry I confused you with changing my blog - just felt like a little make over - it's really me that needs the make over not my blog. Thanks for your kind comments

CraftyTracy said...

I have said it before and I will say it again if you need me honey just to chat I am there, I am so sorry to hear you have had a bad couple of days. I really hope you are feeling more positive soon.

I am off for my checkup on Wednesday hopefully the consultant will tell me I can go back to work. I really want to go back to my demos, I miss all my crafting friends so much. I feel like I am at a crossroads at the moment too, cant right on my blog about it as someone we both know only two well reads it..

take care honey


Emma said...

G I've popped over from Debs blog to say hello. If ever you want a natter please feel free to shout me...and I would love to add you to my blog if thats ok? Emma,x

MeandLilG said...

Hi there. Just wanted to send you a big hug and say thank you for your kind words today. It's not easy but like you said, the signs are there!! Debs xx

Heather (Craftling) said...

Aww, G! Now I feel doubly guilty for not having visited your blog as often as I wanted to. I'm so sorry you were feeling so lonely. Next time, just SHOUT!!! lol LOUDLY! ;o)

Thanks for the recommendations of the two blogs.. Like Fe-Fe, I struggle to get past just my daily round of blogs (my fellow design team members), and my blog roll is HUGE!!! But I may get there.. One day! lol ;o)

Still, it's generous of you to share your finds with others..