Thursday, 19 June 2008

Been Tagged!

After having a low low period this past week or so, I have given myself a shake... and a verbal slap!

I have to go back through all my comments later and reply accordingly... and also go way back to thank someone for an award, upload some cards, get my PIFs ready for posting... and a whole host of house related stuff... but first.. a bit of light hearted stuff... I'm going to answer the questions that Heather over on Craftlingscosycorner (>> link on side!) tagged me with....

It is the 'This or That' tag..

Chocolate or Vanilla ice cream: Im not brilliant at making choices when it comes to ice cream!! living in Devon will show you why!!!! If pushed I'd say Vanilla... but with choc swirls!!!

Big Mac or Whopper: Neither.... I'm more of a chicken nuggets girl!!! or a mini fillet burger with lashings of the pepper sauce..

Coke or Pepsi: Am totally addicted to Diet coke but will drink Diet Pepsi... due to financial changes Im having to try cheaper versions - urgh... but maybe in the long run it will help the addiction..... yep its that bad that I do get headaches if I dont drink it...

Beer or Wine: This is where I sound megga boring... as ordinarily its a definite neither.... unless its gluwein after sking!!!

Coffee or Tea: Tea for me.... not too strong and quite a bit of milk... coffee only made with all milk... occasionally

Apple Juice or O.J.: Freshly squeezed orange juice. With bits. (<<< that was Heathers answer and I'm not changing it as I'm the same)

Facebook or MySpace: Tried Myspace but couldnt get the hang of it... Regularly use Facebook but not all those silly applications... I use it to keep in contact with friends all over the UK and beyond...

Summer or Winter: See this is when my indecision kicks in again!! I love winter when its all cosy inside but then I get all :( at the thought of people who are homeless and living on the street so I would have to say Summer but not so that its that hot that people get irritable, I detest driving when its hot... unless I'm a passenger with the windows open! I love long Summer evenings... though if I had children who didnt want to go to bed, I might not think the same, eh!

Windows or Mac: Never used a Mac to compare but do like the sleekness of how they look... but not the price

Cats or Dogs: Growing up. I would have said YUCK neither... I was so prim when it come to cats and dogs being a pain with the fur, mess etc... Now I am a dog lover far more than cats...though I do like cats, only because of my experience with having a dog... 19 years ago my now ex husband kept on about us getting a dog... bearing in mind he was in the Army, I was a practice manager of a medical centre and we lived in Germany.. ( in a ground floor flat!) it was neither practical or fair was my excuse ..... but he arranged for A friend to bring around a boxer pup one evening... I knew about it and was not pleased at all..... (think raised eyebrows and THAT face!!!) In she walks with this tiny little face peering out of her jacket... she placed him down on the floor... he looked straight at me with the most beautiful blue eyes and skin that was all baggy.... then ran along the carpet (brand new, silver/white) and pee'd as he went...

My now ex and our friend looked at me..... and I said..... ohhhhhhhhh can we have him? please let us have him....
Yep, I fell in love..... BIG STYLE

As this was still in the time when he would have to go into quarrentine in the future when we returned to the UK, I set up his bank account... so we would have no worries or decsions to make when that time came..

It was so funny as my ex was expecting by taking him to a Boxer Club that he would be this ferocious 'hard' dog.. nope not Tyson, he was the softest thing on four legs... and had a personality that so many people fell in love with... definitely best friend material.

I did all the stuff that you shouldnt do.... let him on the furniture, bed etc... such a change from how I had been...

When going through divorce, my main concern was that I got Tys!!!! and then when going through chemo... he was the reason the got fresh air every day... one time I fell asleep on the sofa at approx 2pm after having a chemo session... without knowing it... I slept for 26 hours... Tys had slept at the bottom of the sofa, drank all his water, ate his food and not cried to go out... bless his bladder! it was only when I woke and checked the phone that I had turned the ring down on, that I realised it was Thursday at 4pm and not the Wednesday!!! What a star, Tys was...

Tyson lived until almost 14 years old which is a very good age for boxers... and 5 years later I still miss him every day....

Its been good writting about Tys, so thanks for the tag, Heather...

I'll be back later to tag some folk... ;-)


Heather (Craftling) said...

Hi, G! :o)

Wonderful story about Tys!! What a lovely dog he must have been.

Spookily, I was visiting your blog yesterday, thinking "I MUST catch up with Gina!" but was so tired, I promised myself I would come back today, and lo and behold, I get your message!

Right.. have a card to complete and a few other errands.. will be back later.

Heather xx

CraftyTracy said...

Hi G,

I will b in touch I promise!!
I read that blog about the lady and the hard deicision she made and I cried all the way through.

I am going on a blog hop now.