Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Help please!!!

I have lost all my links etc.... (insert crying face) I was trying to pretty up my blog and failed!!!

Can anyone talk me through how I reset my pc so that it goes back to yesterday and that any changes I have made will be undone???

Thank you in anticipation...


Macpurp said...

my hubby says he doesn't think going back in the PC will make a difference as the blog is saved online and not on your computer ....sorry maybe some one else can be more helpful!

It's crap when this happens....oh didn't this happen to Emma elfie....? ask her?

Sammi said...

Hey :( That's not good :(


Had you saved a copy of the old template??

Anonymous said...

Gina all I can think of is that if you go to customise and then choose new template. Select "minima". Come back and see if you links etc are back.

I know that if you use the cutest blog thing, you must set your template to minima first.

I can't promise it'll work but I'll sit here with my fingers crossed for you.

Ultramum said...

I think, sadly, that macpurp's hubby is correct :-(