Monday, 1 September 2008

I have my date for my mastectomy

I received a call from the surgeons secretary earlier to say that I am booked in on Wednesday of this week.... it was on my answerphone as I was being a hermit with regards to phone calls... (bad girl)

I went into instant flap as I have a v important legal meeting the end of this week.. Rang the hospital and they have now booked me in for the 17th September which gives me time to do the legal meeting and a few other things...

Maybe now I can stop doing nothing and start to prioritise my time a bit better. Still doing lots of colouring in and glitttering but not much else!


Christine (Craftling) said...

G, you know my thoughts will be with you, hunny. Would you be so kind as to email me your address, please?

Not that I want to send you anything, mind. ;o)

Chris xx

Chrissy said...

Same as Chris said and my email is
Gosh, you have got such a lot going on, Big Hugs XX

MeandLilG said...

Hi hun. Was just thinking about you the other day and wondering if you'd heard. It's positive. It's a step forward, which is good. And you have more love and support around you than you know. Hugs to you xxxx

Macpurp said...

Its a difficult time for you just now, I will all be thinking of you!
your body is making you rest before the op and rest is good for the body.
Take care of yourself...glittering and colouring in is of course a fantastic therapy.....

teen xxx

Kirsty Wiseman said...

Hi G
Thanks you so much for taking the time and trouble to leave a supportive comment on my blog.
Sorry to hear you are going through one heck of a journey yourself. If it helps, I am sealing this comment with a lot of love xx
Kirsty x

altered geisha said...

Oh Gina you are another sweet young thing who shouldn't be going through this!!
I loved your blog and am still chuckling about the "flea" and the "sperm"!!!
I have written down your google addy and will e-mail you later, thankyou for your offer of some pre stamped images thats so kind of you. ((hugs))

Emma said...

Officially I'm not blogging at the moment...unofficially as soon as Tina told me your news I had to come on and send you the biggest ((((hug))) ever. You know I'm thinking of you babe and we will all be here for you. If you need ANYTHING please just shout and could you also drop me your address as well.
Keep your chin up girl and please try and get some rest...I know its hard with everything else thats going on but we do all worry about you. Lots of love


Hello G

Your post had me thinking, ive been going through quite a life changing time myself, and reading your post made it even clearer to me why it is important to get myself sorted. Then, after reading about your masectomy I had a phone call from my close friend who suspects she may have bowel cancer. I am totally astounded, and felt I had to drop you a line. My thoughts are with you, and im sending lots of hugs your way, and like previous fellow bloggers, please can you email me your address? My email is
Much love Linda x