Saturday, 6 September 2008

Poppicrafts cardboard flowers ..... and dating!

Still no cards!! but thought I would show a few of the therapy glittered flowers I have been doing...

I have spent a fair few evenings this past week helping a friend with setting up her pc and setting up profiles on facebook and a couple of dating sites... I've been a bit mother hen about it all! suffice to say after practically writing all her profile and answering the standard questions for her, she is getting a fair few mails rolling in. Am a bit concerned as most of them seem seasoned daters. (Takes off protective motherly hat!)

As I have not contribuated anything creative to write home about and instead have ohhh'd and ahhhh'd over the blogs on my list somewhere over there and down a bit>>>>>

I thought I would post a photo of my sister's dog Buddy... proving that he loves Marmite.. ( I had washed it out first!!) He is sooooo cute..


Emma said...

Gina I havn't stopped laughing since I read the comment you left me! Thanks for cheering me up hun! Will e-mail you tomorrow and I may now have to go and glitter all my flowers now...(that sounds quite rude!!) Hugs Em.x

Macpurp said...

lovely glittery will have a huge stash by the time your mojo returns!

marmite ....eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew!



Gina, buddy is adorable, If ever your sister gets fed up with him, ill have him. Your flowers ae looking really great, like Emma, I will have to get mine out and glitter them. Its great for our blogging friends to give us such inspiration. By the way I didn't get an email with your address yet, please can you send it to me at . Thank you big hugs Linda x

nessy said...

oooooooooh love it or hate it hey??? bless him!!
the flowers are fab ~just love glitter!
vanessa xx

Christine (Craftling) said...

Hi, G..

Those are some darned pretty flowers! ;o)

Have emailed you to chase you for your address!!! Pull your finger out, woman. I mean, it's not like you have anything else to think about, right? ;o)

I have done quite a bit of on-line dating. Some nice guys out there, but I think most of them just want to play. Hope your pal finds her man.

Chris xx

Sarah C said...

So it's not just Paddington, my little sis and me that love marmite then? ROFL