Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Oooeeerr Missus.... I'm back already!!!

Just when you thought you would get some peace from the blurblings of yours truly... She appears on line when Shes meant to be in hospital recovering from surgery....( what's all that talking in the third person all about??? I'll blame it on the emotions being everywhere ;))

HA!!!! now thats where we were all wrong...
I was at the theatre door at 1245, marked up, sexy surgical stockings on, wearing a lovely white hospital friendship bracelet, a designer slit up the back funky nightgown.... and was told that due to an emergency earlier on which had put the whole surgery list back, with my wonderful gorgeously caring, understanding, empathetic (<<< I won't go on, you get the picture!!! he's fab) having to do a breast clinic this afternoon with no registrar backup to fall back on if he ran anymore over. We have built up a lovely rapport over the years I have been seeing him and he gave me a massive hug along with his sincerest apologies and will organise an emergency list asap and I will be first on it...

So the bag is staying packed.... new pjs cant be worn before hospital, it just wouldnt be right.. :)

My poor sis had been awake from 4am and looked totally drained at the end of it all... bless her cottons, shes seen me through loads of health stuff.... She got a hug from Mr D too...

I've text the folk who were coming up to see me... bless them they will have to eat the grapes themselves...

So just to say, thank you for all your continued support.. I'm off to bed for a while now... xxx


Macpurp said...

i know its frustrating and am very proud of the way that you are handling this !!!! esp since you were so close to getting the deed done and I know it takes a lot of pschying yourself up for it, but they dont do things like this lightly.


hope you dont have too long a wait, xxxxx

Christine (Craftling) said...

Well, considering how stressful it all must have been, and how little sleep you've had, you sound remarkably chipper! Either that or they gave you your pre-med happy pill before they cancelled the op!! lol ;o)

Did he say when he's likely to be scheduling another emergency day for?

Chris xx

Fe-Fe said...

Sorry it didn't all go as planned but it's nice to have you back in blogging land sooner than expected.

Sending hugs
Fe x

CraftyTracy said...

G - I am so gutted for you. OH said you called and I was out. was going to call you but see you have gone to bed. Don't want to call tonight just in case I disturb you.

Did 1471 to get your number but my mom called before i could get it.

will try tomorrow.

Sending hugs and love.


Anonymous said...

I have to say you're amazing. Your attitude is inspiring, I would have been a total wreck.

I really hope that you don't have to wait too long.


nessy said...

lets hope you will not have to wait long ~chin up girl ~you sound so positive!!
vanessa xx

bubblegum said...

Poor you - all ready for the big event and then it's cancelled. You are a very brave positive person. :) :) Keep your chin up and hope you don't have to wait too long. ;) :)


Sarah C said...

Bless you Gina. I can't begin to imagine what you're going through. My love and best wishes are with you. Take care cos there's loads of us out here who care xxx