Thursday, 30 April 2009

Blog Candy ending tonight - Toodles & Binks

Blog candy ending tonight 30th April over at Toodles & Binks Blog... >>>>>>> thata way!

Blog Candy, hopping and challenges.

As you can see from the left hand side bar, I have been busy with the old surfing this evening.. :-)

I have after spending some time on Monday with Tracy decided to challenge myself with a couple of challenges. Holding her cards and other papercraft items in my hands gave me a bit of a ompf!

I'm going to blog tomorrow about my visit to Tracy's, mainly because I need some good light to take some photos...

Monday, 27 April 2009

You know those male cards that are a bit harder to make?? well have a read of this

I went over to Tracy's blog to thank her for helping me out with the photo/blog linking thing and spied her newly designed stamps... Little tinker had not even mentioned them to me when we spoke the other day..... She's like that, never one to blow her own trumpet.

Tracy used to work in the local craft shop and through that, we became friends, not that we see each other very often but when we do its like a continuation of our last chat... I like friendships like that :-) Tracy has kindly sorted out some papers for me... which I will collect tomorrow as I'm sort of near hers when I go to the hospital...

Thanks to both Tracy and Lea for their excellent instructions on doing the photo/link thingy..

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Can you help me please?

Can someone tell me the most simple way of posting a picture of someone else's candy with a link so that when a blog visitor clicks on the picture it will take them to the owner of the candy's blog......

Thank you tons and tons xx

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

If you read this please send out winning thoughts to number 12.

Ha!!! gotcha!!!!

Thank you so much for the winning thoughts.....

That was a bit naughty of me... because I am number 12 on the comments for the blog candy on

If this candy doesn't reach somewhere in the 300 - 400 hundreds I'll eat that hat that everyone talks about! If I was to say Copics, Miss Anya's, Nesties galore, paper strokingly heaven, flowers, ribbons and buttons.... you would be leaving this post right now and getting over there...... *whooosh* you've gone already......;-)


Monday, 20 April 2009

A couple of cards

My friends twins are 5 tomorrow and we live about 150 miles apart so I don;t get to see them very much.

I think I made a card that is a bit too old for a 5 year old with the card for Mollie. Her birthday cake was Tinkerbelle and she is having ballet lessons and loving them.. Morgan's is about right for a 5 year old but not exactly what he is into... I mailed his mum and asked her if he was still into football..... Nope!! now he is into Dr Who, Transformers or Power Rangers...

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Anyone going to Devon/Cornwall?? BARGAINS at Trago Mills

A lot of people who live in Devon and Cornwall know of the bargains to be had at Trago mills.. and I know of a lot of friends who live in other parts of the Country who have also bought some really good buys there....

I went to the Liskeard Trago yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to see that they have expanded their craft section which was poor before ( apparently they did this last July but being a hermit I hadn't been there for ages!)

I've posted this mainly so that anyone who is coming this way, saves their crafting money if they can, to enable them to be able to get more for their money....

I think you can see on the photo above the difference in the prices but have made a mental list of some of the things there from the craft essentials leaflet so you can see the difference.

Daisy & Dandilion clear stamps RRP £5.99 - Trago price £3.79
Wheelabe tote RRP £59.99 - Trago price £ 39.95 or 99.. give or take 4 p!
Scalloped Cardstock 12x12 RRP £9.99 - Trago price £6.75 or there abouts, might be slightly cheaper
Alphaminis foam stickers RRP £1.99 - Trago price £1.49 and alphamania cardstock stickers
Cat & Dog Collections RRP £16.99 - Trago price £11.49 or cheaper.
Scalloped cards are between 50p - £1 cheaper than the RRP per pack
All paper flowers, Stamp duos and studded stickers are RRP £ 1.99 - trago price £1.29
Papermania The big one 12x12 papers RRP £14.99 - Trago price £10.79 or slightly less.
Clare Curd clear stamps RRP £5.99 - Trago price £3.79

Sorry I can't remember any other prices. Trago is a bit hit and miss with the products it carries but if you or any of your friends passing by either the Newton Abbot or Liskeard, its worth a crafting visit :-) - Highlight what you want in the craft essentials leaflet, give them the dosh and cross your fingers ;-) ..........

Friday, 10 April 2009

Mega Blog Candy at Crafty Goings On.....

Karen has 72 Copic Marker pens as blog candy over at

It does end today 1oth April but you do still have time to enter ;-)

Karen says on her blog :-

The twist is that we want you to link to a project on your blog (in your comment) that either uses a download or a stamped image that you coloured in.

  • Link to a card you made with a download or a stamped image (does NOT have to be one of ours)
  • If you are using one of the Charmed Cards & Crafts downloads then you get two chances (please enter two comments, in the second just write "my second chance). All entries will be checked.
  • Please mention the candy on your blog.
Here is the card I made using a Dottie at Work download, my friends daughter is 18 soon and is training to be a hairdresser.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Are you looking for Retro flower punches?

I have spent a hour tonight looking at different sites to get a small, medium and large in the retro flower punch... ( well if I can't get hold of the Miss Anya stamps then I have to console myself someway!!)

Have just ordered them from here

Never bought from the online store before but the prices are reasonable...

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

A few cards at last!! & update on Steph

I made 40 thank you cards for my cousin 's wedding. They were all simply made with embossed plain white card and a few gems.

Below is the Congratulations card I made for my cousin and his new wife.

An assortment of cards made for friends and family recently. I'm a bad blogger by not giving details of what products I used but will get back into the swing of blogging soon I hope.

Steph recently returned from her third trip to Germany for treatment and the results from her second treatment was a further 15% reduction in the liver tumour... all good news :-)