Friday, 2 May 2008

Being really busy at the moment all craft related

I can not say why till after next Tuesday, but I am actually really pleased with what I have done up to now.. which is a strange thing for me to say as normally I'm my own worst critic about anything I make.. I just wanted to say it out loud to so speak... after all how many times do we forget to give ourselves a pat on the back. All will be revealed next week.

Whilst I'm on the back patting exercise... isn't it also funny how many including me, thought they would never be able to have a blog... being less then an expert ( much less in my case!!- btw that was a true assessment not a put down of myself) and here we are entering what we feel comfy with on the WWW for anyone to see...

So a quick *wave* to anyone passing by.. if you have'nt got a blog and really do want one, just click up there on setting up your own blog, have a play and there you go!!!