Friday, 23 May 2008

Its all good....

Arrived at the hospital with my sister.... and my friend Gill was waiting, shes the one who broke her ankle in the London Marathon, was waiting for us.
My consultant is the nicest man ever... and I mean ever... funny how someone elses husband can make such an impression on so many people... (wonder if he has a single brother!!??)

He had a check of the area that I have been having pain and said its just scar tissue.. then gave me the news that my mammogram was clear... it was the way he said it... he had relief in his voice as well as his normal reassuring tone.. :-)

He said he had received my email... and said,.... "so time for this off then?" with a tone of "YAY, shes made the decision...... and though I'd rather just have reconstruction of the already removed side ( bit difficult as I have already had radiotherapy) I KNOW that with an 80% chance of getting another breast cancer, its time. If the appointment for removal of my ovaries can be brought closer and it can be arranged at the same time, then it might be able to be done at the same time, but Mr D my *heart that man* consultant said that if timing does not work out then we will still crack on with the mastectomy..... the thing is that with still having glands on that side, its a passage way for secondaries....

He will be arranging the mastectomy for a few weeks time, after the 8th June as Im doing the race for life.. ( walking it!! as Im not fit... for running... )

When we came out and was walking down the corridor... I had a little cry... the relief that the mammogram was clear... the fact that I was with the two people who came with me last time I was told that I had a second cancer and had to have my breast removed. Today undid that horrible feeling... It does make such a difference when choice comes into the picture..

We went to the Macmillan Support Centre after who have been there for me throughout this second breast cancer and the pheochromcytoma, seeing their faces at the news was wonderful :D

After we went for a Chinese buffet.. ( that wont help the fitness!) and then got caught up in a bomb scare in town......... yikes... poor Gill with her crutches... we had to walk for ages to reach the car due to the cordon around town.

I had a sleep when I got home,, that drained feeling you get when you have not slept the night before properly.... along with the emotional sigh of today....

thank you for your support... it matters.. :D


Craftling said...

Gina, I'm so pleased to hear your news, and you must be relieved to have made the decision to have the second mastectomy, too. It's a good decision. I just had my ovaries checked this week, and may be offered the option of having mine removed, too. We'll see.

Funny how we fall for our consultants, isn't it? lol.. My surgeon is very cute, too.. Rock Star type.. scruffy long blonde hair, T-shirts, plays guitar and writes his own songs, plays gigs.. Bless! Every time his name is mentioned in other parts of the hospital, they all swoon!! I think everyone's in love with him! ;o) The oncologist isn't bad, either! Very cheeky! ;o)

Anyway, sounds like you have lots of great support, but I'm here for you, too, hun.

Heather xx