Monday, 5 May 2008

I have added a slideshow ( of sorts!!)

I'm sure when I have had a play with the slide show element of Picasa, that I will be able to improve on presentation but for now it looks like I have just stumbled across a way of slideshowing the photos I had on my pc....... looks this time are not deceiving as thats exactly what happened in the small hours of this morning when I should have been getting some beauty sleep... ( boy I should have been getting loads,, !!)


Craftling said...

Hi, Gina.. Congrats on the slideshow! :o)

Wanted to come and visit now I am out of hospital and thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. You're a sweetie, and - having read through your blog now - I have come to the conclusion you're also as mad as a hatter and I love that!! lol ;o)

Will be back for a catch up now and then.

Much love,
Heather xx