Tuesday, 27 May 2008

No money for craft items for a while :-(

Over the weekend my monitor decided that with just being out of warranty it was time for it to pack up, its the back light.... my local computer shop doesnt fix them as its not worth their time apparently, they stopped doing so when the prices of monitors dropped to being dirt cheap ( does anyone know what dirt cheap means because their idea of dirt cheap and mine definitely do not match!!!)

I had to bite the bullet and buy one from tesco.... (using a £12 voucher and my tesco points so paid £20 less then it cost... so thats something )

I have a laptop but I find that within a few minutes I am in agony, this has only been since having the pheo so it might be related... and thinking forward to after my mastectomy the last thing I want is to be storing up more agony for myself..

Looking after Ben ( cross Alsatian/border collie ) is proving to be good for extra fresh air... though being drenched to the skin last night for both of us was a bit of a down side , still least I could take my wet clothes off... bless him he couldnt...

Sat racking the few brains I have as its my nephews 14th birthday on Thursday... looking through the few male stamps I have..... nope no inspiration.... then, a lightbulb moment!!! George!!

I'll post the photo when its made...


MeandLilG said...

Hi there. Just popped in to say I have left a little something on my blog for you xx

Heather (Craftling) said...

Hi, G...

Just to let you know I have FINally got around to catching up with your blog!!!

Sorry it has taken me so long.

Sorry to hear about your monitor!! Isn't it horrid having to spend perfectly good crafting money on mundane boring practical things? I have had to ask for money for my birthday presents this year... for my 50th, for crying out loud.. and will have to spend it on getting my car through its MOT! :o(

Anyway.. life could always be worse... I might not have a car at all. And I do love my car! :o)