Saturday, 31 May 2008

My first Scrapbook

I apologise for the mix of the layout, my adding photo skills need improving greatly!! This is the first scrap book I made back in March 2008 for my 12 year old nieces birthday. I had a week to make it and was pleased with the amount of work I fitted into that week as I had other non craft related things going on too....

Chloe is a gem of a girl and anyone would be proud to be her Auntie... I know I certainly am.... I am not in a position to buy for her the things I used to but her depth of appreciation and pride when showing her scrapbook off to her friends and ballet teacher as well as my sister telling me that Chloe had told her that her best birthday present had been her scrapbook shows that even in our now possession orientated society, she can see beyond that.

This is one of my all time favourite photos of Chloe... its like you can not help but smile when you look at her face... pure joy

There are an assortment of photos in this little notebook, I made it removable so that Chloe could flick through them seperately

Chloe had waited years to be a bridesmaid!! and carried out her duties as being the eldest bridesmaid extremely well

Our Chloe has always been into her dolls.. from being a baby herself.. bless her, the photo with the red pj bottoms was just after Christmas and she was full of flu... The last one on the second page was her last doll... Rosie who is a born again doll... she still smells of baby powder now!

Chloe has hankered after a puppy for years and finally her mum gave in and Buddy now rules their lives!


Heidi said...

This is so lovely- WOw what a job to make this. thanks for letting me have a look.

Hugs from

Chrissy said...

This is a labour of love and it shows....I can see why she would love it :-D It will also be something to treasure for some time to come, its lovely :-D
And thank you for your recent comment on my blog, perhaps after my painting for the hospice raffle, I will put a few doodles together - ChrissyX

Heather (Craftling) said...

Gina, that's great! Some wonderful layouts there. No wonder Chloe was so pleased with it! My favourite was the double spread on dolls. There is a photo on there looks like she is trying to stretch her doll's eyelashes to match her own beautiful peepers! :o)

H xx