Sunday, 29 June 2008

21 years ago today.

My Mum passed away. I spent the end of last week churning up inside thinking about the date... and you know what?? Yep, I forgot the date today... now was this because I had Jordan stay over last night and today we made an almighty start on clearing my loft or because somewhere deep down I have accepted that the date is of no significance in reality... as every day is another day without her. Whilst in the loft, in among some pictures was a framed poem with a tiny photo of mum on it.. I put it to one side and brought the rest down for a car boot sale and because with Jordan's music on and him singing away :D I didnt want to bring the mood down at all...

It was a while later that my sis ( Jord's mum) asked me if I was going to the cemetery (I'm normally the only one who goes as the other two have their own way of showing their respect etc) I was really taken back that I had not woken up knowing the date... its so unlike me.. I decided not to go, instead I will wander up one day in the week... when the feeling comes over me.

Here is a photo of her taken at age 23 which was the age I was when she passed away.

She would have so loved her grandchildren...

RIP my angel xxx

Saturday, 28 June 2008

I can't

Tut tut @ ME!!!!!

I have a fair few "I can't" things going on in my life at the moment that legally I am unable to discuss... and on top of being a scaredy cat and a hermit a lot of the time, its pretty damn frustrating considering the person I have been at many times in my past ( think strong, confident, funny, determined, resilient etc )

On having another sort out of another box.... I came across a piece of paper that has no date on it.. but must related to some low point in my life.. it says

You don't know what you can do until you have to do it......

I have put it in my purse!!!! instead of in a box.... and am going to scrap that piece of paper along with a few photos I have of me doing stuff I never thought I could...

For now..... I am off to take my nephew for a very belated chinese lunch ( cheap set menu!) I hate to not do what I said I would do... and as I have been very good lately with the budgeting thing.. I'm going to spend time with Jordan.... ( the fact that I have from when I had a fair bit of spare dosh, two credit notes from sports shops will help this afternoon... :-) ) I might as well let him have them.... he gets less of my time etc then his younger sister...

I'll be back later with a few cards and stuff...

Hope everyone is healthy and as happy as they can be considering their own personal circumstances... xxx

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Here is a AWWWWW moment for you all.. :o)

Thought I would share a few pics of my niece with Buddy, hes a 5 month old Puggle (Pug/Beagle) Chloe has taught him to High 5!!

This photo was pure fluke... I called him and on the second flash he had turned around... we sat giggling for ages once we realised we had caught him in such a cute cute poise... I am actually sat here giggling at it again!!

Awww, that rule about not picking him up like a baby and having him on the sofa didnt last long did it?

Monday, 23 June 2008

Passing on the tagging.... and cheating a bit too!!

As I said further down, I would be back to tag folk.... well I'm going to tag 5 people... with both tags... if they already have done one of them further down their blog that I havent seen, I apologise. I have put both sets of questions here to make it easier to copy and paste them.. ( just call me ever helpful * insert devilish angel here* I tried to tag the blogs that do not seem to have been tagged previously by either set of questions...

btw... I havent worked out how to take the underline off t his message!!!!

Feel free to leave comments on my answers further down :-)

1. It is the 'This or That' tag..

Chocolate or Vanilla ice cream:

Big Mac or Whopper:

oke or Pepsi:

Beer or Wine:

Coffee or Tea:

Apple Juice or O.J.:

Facebook or MySpace:

Summer or Winter:

Windows or Mac:

Cats or Dogs:

2. And the other tagging is >>>






I tag......Tracy at

and Emma at

and Zoe at

and Dawny at

and finally Lizette over on

Happy answering and tagging to you all....

The latest cards I have made.

Another tagging

I was painting the town red as much as I well as getting in touch with my spiritual side It was two years since my first diagnosis and discounting the first year that was taken up with surgery, chemo and radiotherapy, when I hadnt done that much apart from get by day to day, I was doing what I should have been doing in my late teens/early twenties... it was also 2 years since my marriage had ended and with the year out for medical stuff, I discovered a side of me that needed to play!! ;-)

I was working in a hostel for homeless women and loving it... Attending the Spiritualist Church in Bolton where I made a life long friend, Joanne. I was also loving my home, that may sound strange but after having had a flood that destroyed all of the downstairs and two bedrooms, the house was given a new lease of life at the same time I had been going through some medical stuff... so all in all it was all about starting again... and of course removed all signs of my ex husband and his *tart* (<< not bitter, just honest as to my feelings at the time.. now I don't give a damn, she did me a massive favour!!)

I could give you a list of 5 thousand!! but things that I reckon I will do are...

1. Go to the relaxation group at the macmillan centre... I have been a hermit for far too long and feel the *need* to attend.

2. Email my solicitor this evening

3. Buy some fresh provisions...

4. Make a card for a friend to give her friend for her 60th birthday...

5. Tag people for the questions on my previous tagging and for this one...

Cheese! sadly i'm a bit of cheese addict... cheese on toast with a smattering of worchester or brown sauce with loads of black pepper, cheese and crackers, pringles and dips... any dips!
cheese, crisp and salad cream sandwiches.. (I know!! gross)

I'm not really a sweet snacker... which is a good job considering the calories in the things I do like...

This isnt a snack so much but something that will make anyone reading this doubt my taste buds as well as my 'normalness' I love brussel sprouts with gravy and salad cream... * My sister can not be in the same room when I have this, I wonder why ???? hehehe*
This depends on if it was a million or a few...

A few would allow me to set up a resource to help the most disadvantaged homeless people with no pressure on them having to conform to societies demands but still enable them to be safe and warm.

If it was not enough to do this, and thinking only of me and mine... I'd sell this house, and buy a house over looking the sea... with a veranda! and a large back garden so I could grow my own vegetables and fruit.. obviously it would have a purpose built craft room which had a view of the sea...

I'd make sure my sisters mortgages were paid off.. and my friends Wendy/Richard.

I'd make a donation to the Macmillan Centre and use some of the money to go and visit different countries and experience cultures that I hold in awe.... I would also ensure that I saw the Northern Lights...

I'd put some aside in trust until my nephews and niece reached 21 to help them with what is going on in their lives at that time.

A craft shop would be nice.. ;-)

Totnes, Launceston, Plymouth, Salisbury, Liverpool, Chippingham, Germany, Bolton, Plymouth.

I have to pass this on to 5 others!! and will come back and do that later :0)

Sunday, 22 June 2008

Now thats what I call blinking brilliant

Hannah and Zoe are two young crafters who have set up their own challenge blog... for under 16 year olds.. they will be setting a challenge one a fortnight, Go have a look and if you have children who are interested in cardmaking etc... this might be exciting for them...

Go Girls!!!

Decisions, decisions....

Do you ever get that you look at the amount of milk you have left and think... it'll last till tomorrow because you just can not be bothered to go out... knowing if you do you will end up buying stuff that you don't really need..... thats me today!

Today is going to be a really lazy pampering day I think, well I should say afternoon... as the morning has already past...

Last night I went to bed at 7pm, I know, a saturday evening and I'm in bed reading... talking to my friend about it, she gave me the excuse I needed for my tiredness..... I have spent the past 20 years rushing around, stressed beyond belief, not to mention the run ins I have had with some health probs... but they are hopefully all behind me now... so Thank You, Gill. You are right, my body and brain are probably readjusting to a more sedentary way of life... or I'm a lazy moo!

I have made a few cards over the past couple of days which I will upload later but for now... I'm going to have a long relaxing bath..... and give my hair an intensive conditioning whilst wearing a face mask... and I will not be answering the door to anyone!!!!

Friday, 20 June 2008

Achievemnt Candy giveaway

Emma has some candy to give away.... why??? go see and smile...

Am so glad I blog hopped from Me'n'lilG's blog :-)

Thursday, 19 June 2008

First Kerry Jo card

How bad am I? Had to buy the Kerry Jo stamps but only just got around to making a card!!

Made this for a friends birthday, shes a bit of a goth/rock chick.... and doesn't really do cute - unless its puppies..

Been Tagged!

After having a low low period this past week or so, I have given myself a shake... and a verbal slap!

I have to go back through all my comments later and reply accordingly... and also go way back to thank someone for an award, upload some cards, get my PIFs ready for posting... and a whole host of house related stuff... but first.. a bit of light hearted stuff... I'm going to answer the questions that Heather over on Craftlingscosycorner (>> link on side!) tagged me with....

It is the 'This or That' tag..

Chocolate or Vanilla ice cream: Im not brilliant at making choices when it comes to ice cream!! living in Devon will show you why!!!! If pushed I'd say Vanilla... but with choc swirls!!!

Big Mac or Whopper: Neither.... I'm more of a chicken nuggets girl!!! or a mini fillet burger with lashings of the pepper sauce..

Coke or Pepsi: Am totally addicted to Diet coke but will drink Diet Pepsi... due to financial changes Im having to try cheaper versions - urgh... but maybe in the long run it will help the addiction..... yep its that bad that I do get headaches if I dont drink it...

Beer or Wine: This is where I sound megga boring... as ordinarily its a definite neither.... unless its gluwein after sking!!!

Coffee or Tea: Tea for me.... not too strong and quite a bit of milk... coffee only made with all milk... occasionally

Apple Juice or O.J.: Freshly squeezed orange juice. With bits. (<<< that was Heathers answer and I'm not changing it as I'm the same)

Facebook or MySpace: Tried Myspace but couldnt get the hang of it... Regularly use Facebook but not all those silly applications... I use it to keep in contact with friends all over the UK and beyond...

Summer or Winter: See this is when my indecision kicks in again!! I love winter when its all cosy inside but then I get all :( at the thought of people who are homeless and living on the street so I would have to say Summer but not so that its that hot that people get irritable, I detest driving when its hot... unless I'm a passenger with the windows open! I love long Summer evenings... though if I had children who didnt want to go to bed, I might not think the same, eh!

Windows or Mac: Never used a Mac to compare but do like the sleekness of how they look... but not the price

Cats or Dogs: Growing up. I would have said YUCK neither... I was so prim when it come to cats and dogs being a pain with the fur, mess etc... Now I am a dog lover far more than cats...though I do like cats, only because of my experience with having a dog... 19 years ago my now ex husband kept on about us getting a dog... bearing in mind he was in the Army, I was a practice manager of a medical centre and we lived in Germany.. ( in a ground floor flat!) it was neither practical or fair was my excuse ..... but he arranged for A friend to bring around a boxer pup one evening... I knew about it and was not pleased at all..... (think raised eyebrows and THAT face!!!) In she walks with this tiny little face peering out of her jacket... she placed him down on the floor... he looked straight at me with the most beautiful blue eyes and skin that was all baggy.... then ran along the carpet (brand new, silver/white) and pee'd as he went...

My now ex and our friend looked at me..... and I said..... ohhhhhhhhh can we have him? please let us have him....
Yep, I fell in love..... BIG STYLE

As this was still in the time when he would have to go into quarrentine in the future when we returned to the UK, I set up his bank account... so we would have no worries or decsions to make when that time came..

It was so funny as my ex was expecting by taking him to a Boxer Club that he would be this ferocious 'hard' dog.. nope not Tyson, he was the softest thing on four legs... and had a personality that so many people fell in love with... definitely best friend material.

I did all the stuff that you shouldnt do.... let him on the furniture, bed etc... such a change from how I had been...

When going through divorce, my main concern was that I got Tys!!!! and then when going through chemo... he was the reason the got fresh air every day... one time I fell asleep on the sofa at approx 2pm after having a chemo session... without knowing it... I slept for 26 hours... Tys had slept at the bottom of the sofa, drank all his water, ate his food and not cried to go out... bless his bladder! it was only when I woke and checked the phone that I had turned the ring down on, that I realised it was Thursday at 4pm and not the Wednesday!!! What a star, Tys was...

Tyson lived until almost 14 years old which is a very good age for boxers... and 5 years later I still miss him every day....

Its been good writting about Tys, so thanks for the tag, Heather...

I'll be back later to tag some folk... ;-)

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Blog candy alerts...
Monica has some lovely lovely blog candy up for grabs... along with loads of lovely craft inspiration and insight into her family life...
Becky has some 'just because' blog candy to give away.... lovely thought and gesture along with lovely inspiration..

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Blog hopping is good for the soul

I was feeing particularly lonely and all out of sorts with myself tonight, having not had a few good days... sadly not something I can write about here due to some legal stuff but in the future that will not be a problem, anyway after spending most of yesterday evening, last night and today in bed reading a chicklit book..... anything to distract me from what is going on! and of course downsizing and decluttering my house in preparation for having to sell it.. I sat blog hopping...

Get me, along with the not feeling good about myself I even felt urgh that my blog was lonely having had only two people even pass by in 24 hours.. now that is feeling sorry for myself in the highest, if ever I saw it!!

My hopping led me to which holds not only fantastic inspiration on the card making front but also fantastic tutorials as well. Moreover the side info had a link to ...

which is a blog from a mother who will take your breathe away at her fortitude. Its very sad as well as uplifting in places. You need to read from the bottom up each month and go into archieves to get to the start of the families story...

The music will haunt your soul.... in a good way....

Friday, 13 June 2008

Thank you card

Wedding Card for two friends

Monday, 9 June 2008

Blog Candy alert

Scrummy blog candy over at ^^ along with a lot of inspiration and smiles.... well worth a cuppa and a read..... I've linked to my favs so that I will be back again and again....

Also over on

There is lovely blog candy ending 11th June .

Also on .....

Jozza is also giving away candy, this is open until Wednesday 18th June. The winner will be announced on Thursday 19th June

And over on
is blog candy with a difference..... go see!!!!

Saturday, 7 June 2008

Blog Candy over at >>>>

Fabby blog even if you decide not to enter for the blog candy...

Friday, 6 June 2008

Been Touting for for PIF takers!!

I posted a thread on Docrafts to get someone to take me up on the image PIF and now have two takers... YAY!!!! I'll be doing some stamping over the weekend as well as tomorrow evening getting ready for the Race for Life on Sunday.... myself and my niece Chloe will be taking part... Apart from decorating our t shirts in preperation and we are going to stamp pink awareness ribbons on white ribbon for our hair... we are going to have a crafting evening... just me and Chloe... I have bought her a blank pen holder for her to decorate... and am going to let her go wild with whatever she wants to use of my stash.... * without going all wide eyed when she goes overboard with using bling and flowers..*

If you want to take a look over there>>>> by clicking on the donate button, you will see our just giving page... obviously I would love more people to donate but even if you just read our family story then in some form we are still passing on the message about genetic cancers.. and in the short term, awareness is the key enabling prevention before a cure is discovered..

Sunday, 1 June 2008

Stamping PIF

I received a fantastic Stamp PIF from Heather over at Craftlingcosycorner >>> link over there>>>

To play the game, all you have to do is leave me a comment telling me that you want to participate, and the first three people will receive pifs of a selection of images from my stamps on smooth white card, stamped in Staz-On, so you can colour them yourselves. Don't forget to mail me your address, my email is over there >>>>

Then you must post about this on your blog and send out another three pifs from yourself to three other people.

There may be a short delay in sending the stamped PIF out as I have just ordered some of the fantastic white smooth card that Heather sent my stamped images on.,..... its pure lush...