Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Thank you to the commenters on last post...

I reckon I have to admit defeat and start again..... its a learning curve eh!!

For now Im off to have something to eat then finish uploading to Ebay... then will come back to have a bit of a fiddle....

oh my god!!! my counter has gone too... (insert crying face and perplexed look too )

Its going to take a few days to get the blogs that I had on my side bar and the other things I liked having there too..

if you were on my side bar and you arent there at the moment... shout at me via comments... thank you xx

Help please!!!

I have lost all my links etc.... (insert crying face) I was trying to pretty up my blog and failed!!!

Can anyone talk me through how I reset my pc so that it goes back to yesterday and that any changes I have made will be undone???

Thank you in anticipation...

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Oooeeerr Missus.... I'm back already!!!

Just when you thought you would get some peace from the blurblings of yours truly... She appears on line when Shes meant to be in hospital recovering from surgery....( what's all that talking in the third person all about??? I'll blame it on the emotions being everywhere ;))

HA!!!! now thats where we were all wrong...
I was at the theatre door at 1245, marked up, sexy surgical stockings on, wearing a lovely white hospital friendship bracelet, a designer slit up the back funky nightgown.... and was told that due to an emergency earlier on which had put the whole surgery list back, with my wonderful gorgeously caring, understanding, empathetic (<<< I won't go on, you get the picture!!! he's fab) having to do a breast clinic this afternoon with no registrar backup to fall back on if he ran anymore over. We have built up a lovely rapport over the years I have been seeing him and he gave me a massive hug along with his sincerest apologies and will organise an emergency list asap and I will be first on it...

So the bag is staying packed.... new pjs cant be worn before hospital, it just wouldnt be right.. :)

My poor sis had been awake from 4am and looked totally drained at the end of it all... bless her cottons, shes seen me through loads of health stuff.... She got a hug from Mr D too...

I've text the folk who were coming up to see me... bless them they will have to eat the grapes themselves...

So just to say, thank you for all your continued support.. I'm off to bed for a while now... xxx

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Thankyou cards.

Thank you cards for the nurses on the ward. Plain and simple... bit like me!!!

Monday, 15 September 2008

Blog Candy, Thumbs up to moderation and more...

Superb candy over on Christines blog as well of course as wonderful inspiration, go have a look here >>>>>

Christine was one of the fore runners of the TAKE OFF THE VERIFICATION idea... which is probably one of the best things you can do for the readers and commenter's of your own blog, I did it and have never had a spam message since, so when people are afraid of getting loads of spam, it just doesnt happen! and if you should get a spam message, having user moderation gives you control of what does get shown on your blog comments.... how good is that?? brill I think.

I positively detest verification myself as reading a few letters jumbled up to represent what could be at least two different ways of reading the damn thing does nothing for my eyes and at times its taken that long to actually get the right letters that its given me a headache with that squinting you have to do..... inflicting pain is no good thing in my book.

I go into hospital on Wednesday morning... 0730!! and will later get around to the people who asked for my contact details..

I have made some thank you cards for the nurses on the ward and will upload them later,,, off to get some new pjs now .. xx

Saturday, 6 September 2008

Poppicrafts cardboard flowers ..... and dating!

Still no cards!! but thought I would show a few of the therapy glittered flowers I have been doing...

I have spent a fair few evenings this past week helping a friend with setting up her pc and setting up profiles on facebook and a couple of dating sites... I've been a bit mother hen about it all! suffice to say after practically writing all her profile and answering the standard questions for her, she is getting a fair few mails rolling in. Am a bit concerned as most of them seem seasoned daters. (Takes off protective motherly hat!)

As I have not contribuated anything creative to write home about and instead have ohhh'd and ahhhh'd over the blogs on my list somewhere over there and down a bit>>>>>

I thought I would post a photo of my sister's dog Buddy... proving that he loves Marmite.. ( I had washed it out first!!) He is sooooo cute..

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Has she? has'nt she?

Nope!! I haven't made a card.... I wouldnt say my mo jo has gone, its just in hiding as my brain has loads of ideas but they dont seem to transpire into anything... I am however determined to make some thank you cards in prep for when I come out of hosp...

I did receive today in the post a set of long rectangle nesties.. YAY!!! how cool is Cut@home, megga cool in my books... I ordered them on the 27th August ... now thats super fast by anyones standards... and with the amazing discount, I decided to use the last of my paypal funds to buy them and some elzybell stamps. Now I have a wish list on my side bar of things I would like when I have sold some more items via ebay... This not working is affecting my stash addiction majorily... but in the scheme of will teach me some more patience :]

Thank you thank you to those people who kindly left me messages on the previous post, you touched me immensely, the blogging community is awesome :] I will mail those who asked with my home address...

Again.. thank you soooooooooooo much.. xxx

Monday, 1 September 2008

I have my date for my mastectomy

I received a call from the surgeons secretary earlier to say that I am booked in on Wednesday of this week.... it was on my answerphone as I was being a hermit with regards to phone calls... (bad girl)

I went into instant flap as I have a v important legal meeting the end of this week.. Rang the hospital and they have now booked me in for the 17th September which gives me time to do the legal meeting and a few other things...

Maybe now I can stop doing nothing and start to prioritise my time a bit better. Still doing lots of colouring in and glitttering but not much else!