Saturday, 31 May 2008

My first Scrapbook

I apologise for the mix of the layout, my adding photo skills need improving greatly!! This is the first scrap book I made back in March 2008 for my 12 year old nieces birthday. I had a week to make it and was pleased with the amount of work I fitted into that week as I had other non craft related things going on too....

Chloe is a gem of a girl and anyone would be proud to be her Auntie... I know I certainly am.... I am not in a position to buy for her the things I used to but her depth of appreciation and pride when showing her scrapbook off to her friends and ballet teacher as well as my sister telling me that Chloe had told her that her best birthday present had been her scrapbook shows that even in our now possession orientated society, she can see beyond that.

This is one of my all time favourite photos of Chloe... its like you can not help but smile when you look at her face... pure joy

There are an assortment of photos in this little notebook, I made it removable so that Chloe could flick through them seperately

Chloe had waited years to be a bridesmaid!! and carried out her duties as being the eldest bridesmaid extremely well

Our Chloe has always been into her dolls.. from being a baby herself.. bless her, the photo with the red pj bottoms was just after Christmas and she was full of flu... The last one on the second page was her last doll... Rosie who is a born again doll... she still smells of baby powder now!

Chloe has hankered after a puppy for years and finally her mum gave in and Buddy now rules their lives!

Friday, 30 May 2008

Flowers, Gems and cardstock....from TracyJanes Crafts

<<<<< Look

Yesterday I broke my self imposed craft spending ban... (its ok though as I sold a couple of phones to finance it ) The reason I did, is because I have hankered after these flowers for ages and ages ... well not that long really in the scheme of things... but it felt like it when I looked on the website and saw the stock level going down!!

TracyJanesCrafts is a new online store and is run by a multi talented demonstrator who used to work in one of the LSS. Its a new business so is being built up slowly and surely..... one of the great things apart from the fabby goodies is the clear and helpful communication that Tracy gives. Like a lot of cardmakers/crafters, Tracy started out with a small stash and a tight budget... she is extremely generous in sharing her expertise, tips and tricks.. The store can be found here.... >>>>
and her blog here>>>>>>>
She's a moderator over at the Trimcraft forum...

The flowers are really well made and you get 50 in each packet, very reasonably priced and can be coordinated with the gems and pearls that she stocks.. ( will get some pearls another time ) The card stock is the less costly twin to bazzil.... I had heard it was the same but didn't really believe it till I saw and more importantly... felt it!!!

Massive thank you to Heather at Craftlingscosycorner

My PIF arrived today.... YAY!!! and all the stamped images/sentiments are ones I do not have, how fabby is that.... so thank you, thank you...

I will post my PIF after the next few posts...

Before I stamp my images, I must find out what card Heather used as its lush... the smoothest card I have felt.... and as a paper/card addict... I've felt some papers!!! that sounds a bit rude...

Knowing your card is the pits... (First of many posts tonight)

I couldn't use the George image for my nephews birthday card.. as my printer/ink looks terrible... so had a very late/early hours play with some paper and a stamped image... totally dismal, I have posted it as a reminder to myself that tiredness and frustration are not a good mix... I didn't even get as far as adding any greeting.. still you live and learn...

Soooooooo then the next day I made this one for his 14th birthday... he's really into fast cars and says he is going to put it on a frame on his bedroom wall... so even if it is fairly simple, he is pleased with it and that is what matters... or else he is even more polite than I thought... ;-)

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

No money for craft items for a while :-(

Over the weekend my monitor decided that with just being out of warranty it was time for it to pack up, its the back light.... my local computer shop doesnt fix them as its not worth their time apparently, they stopped doing so when the prices of monitors dropped to being dirt cheap ( does anyone know what dirt cheap means because their idea of dirt cheap and mine definitely do not match!!!)

I had to bite the bullet and buy one from tesco.... (using a £12 voucher and my tesco points so paid £20 less then it cost... so thats something )

I have a laptop but I find that within a few minutes I am in agony, this has only been since having the pheo so it might be related... and thinking forward to after my mastectomy the last thing I want is to be storing up more agony for myself..

Looking after Ben ( cross Alsatian/border collie ) is proving to be good for extra fresh air... though being drenched to the skin last night for both of us was a bit of a down side , still least I could take my wet clothes off... bless him he couldnt...

Sat racking the few brains I have as its my nephews 14th birthday on Thursday... looking through the few male stamps I have..... nope no inspiration.... then, a lightbulb moment!!! George!!

I'll post the photo when its made...

Friday, 23 May 2008

YAY!! I made something and my new camera is brill

On Wednesday evening I was on the phone to my sister and made the blue pen holder from the plain one on the left.... dead simple by covering with paper and ribbon.. then last night whilst drying my hair.. made the other one... I made another one for my embossing pens earlier that I will upload at another time now I have the hang of the camera :D Two are a really good size for storing 120 prismas... ( I had better watch out though as I'm a bit of a over doer when it comes to making things and could end up with tons of the things lined up :-S

Its all good....

Arrived at the hospital with my sister.... and my friend Gill was waiting, shes the one who broke her ankle in the London Marathon, was waiting for us.
My consultant is the nicest man ever... and I mean ever... funny how someone elses husband can make such an impression on so many people... (wonder if he has a single brother!!??)

He had a check of the area that I have been having pain and said its just scar tissue.. then gave me the news that my mammogram was clear... it was the way he said it... he had relief in his voice as well as his normal reassuring tone.. :-)

He said he had received my email... and said,.... "so time for this off then?" with a tone of "YAY, shes made the decision...... and though I'd rather just have reconstruction of the already removed side ( bit difficult as I have already had radiotherapy) I KNOW that with an 80% chance of getting another breast cancer, its time. If the appointment for removal of my ovaries can be brought closer and it can be arranged at the same time, then it might be able to be done at the same time, but Mr D my *heart that man* consultant said that if timing does not work out then we will still crack on with the mastectomy..... the thing is that with still having glands on that side, its a passage way for secondaries....

He will be arranging the mastectomy for a few weeks time, after the 8th June as Im doing the race for life.. ( walking it!! as Im not fit... for running... )

When we came out and was walking down the corridor... I had a little cry... the relief that the mammogram was clear... the fact that I was with the two people who came with me last time I was told that I had a second cancer and had to have my breast removed. Today undid that horrible feeling... It does make such a difference when choice comes into the picture..

We went to the Macmillan Support Centre after who have been there for me throughout this second breast cancer and the pheochromcytoma, seeing their faces at the news was wonderful :D

After we went for a Chinese buffet.. ( that wont help the fitness!) and then got caught up in a bomb scare in town......... yikes... poor Gill with her crutches... we had to walk for ages to reach the car due to the cordon around town.

I had a sleep when I got home,, that drained feeling you get when you have not slept the night before properly.... along with the emotional sigh of today....

thank you for your support... it matters.. :D

Thursday, 22 May 2008


Yesterday mammogram was ok, not painful just uncomfortable... I had a word with the radiographer as I h ave had pain under the arm of the already removed breast and she went to see the Consultant who has fitted me in for an appointment tomorrow... Instead of waiting 2 weeks for the results I will get to find out tomorrow... as well of course as seeing if there is a problem with my glands etc or if its just scar tissue...

Mr D, my consultant has also received my email about going ahead with the other side being removed... looks like I'm going to be moaning about hospital food soon!!

Thanks a million for the good wishes, its really heartwarming to know there are others out there who care..

Monday, 19 May 2008

A bit anxious for the next few days..

I have a mammogram on Wednesday 21st May at 3pm.. I never used to be anxious about them but since my second cancer was found due to a routine mammogram instead of finding a lump as I did the first time... .. the couple of weeks before I get a bit edgy... silly I know... but bodies and minds are weird at times... and if anyone has got a weird one... its definitely me... ;-)

I'm going to try and crack this prisma problem I have to take my mind off the other stuff....
Prisma problem = got the sansodor, stumps, smooth card.... yet I still make a hash of it.. it takes ages, and looks terrible....

Watch this space!!! determined I am

40th Birthday candy ....

Debs is approaching 40 ( youngster!!) and is giving away some magnificant blog candy... take a click over to her blog.. ( link above) All you have to do is give her an idea on how to celebrate her 40th...

Lil G is going to pick the name out on Wednesday 21st May at about 7pm before she goes to bed... can you imagine how excited she will be doing that... it really makes you smile to think how a little un will be all proud just before bed...

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Heidi;s Hangler Blog Candy/Gold dust giveaway

Over at Heidi's blog ^^ shes is giving away not only Hangler images but also a stamp....

Right now you have awoken from the fainting at the fact that you could maybe have in your possession some Hangler gold dust.... get yourselves over and leave a comment... ;-)

Blog Candy at Craftlings cosy corner

Don't you just love it when there is something good but you dont really know what it is... well over at Craftlings cosy corner ( see the side of my blog for the link... ;-)) thats exactly what is happening... go see!!!!

Also... I have a problem where I have not been able to read comments on either my blog or anyone elses, or indeed post on my blog.. so if anyone does have a bX-78gg65 error then go to tools, clear your cache and it will be fixed.. Nope, I didnt find this for myself.. I had to go searching on the help forum.. but if it saves someone the under the breath swearing I was doing!!!

Friday, 16 May 2008

Prismas arrival

Just like it, I'm there on the kitchen floor having pulled out the cooker washing machine etc... singing away to the radio... hair piled on top of my head, rubber gloves on, bleach and cif smeared all over my clothes... knock at the door...

I gingerly opened the door... another postal delivery... already had my mail today.... only my 120 prismas!!!! Talk about a child in a sweet shop, I have sharpened a few already, had a quick try with the sansador (I am going to need a lot....... a real lot of practise!)

I also recieved an enail from Funky Kits about the new Sugar Nellies on the site... as much as I WANT them... I am going to have to learn some restraint... I already broke my own limit by ordering Kerry's stamps.......... but thats allowed.. :-) its supporting a new designer and a new range of stamps...

Ohhhhhhhh well back to the warbling and the kitchen floor... its not going to do itself..

That didnt last long!

My self imposed penance for being a bad blogger that is. Anyway rather than punish myself any further and because I am not feeling too well, I'm going to carry on blog hopping and reading moneysaving expert instead..

Might have another craft organisation/tidy up in a short while too.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

As promised to myself

A second post... :D

This evening apart from blog hopping and docraft craft talk reading I have been using H20s to colour in Magnolias Sugar Nellies and PB's..... is anyone else the same >>> have loads of images coloured in but not yet made a card.... ???? I think its the child in me... >>> bath, fresh pjs and a colouring book whilst watching the sound of music or similar as a child.... bliss

Tut @ me!

Bad Blogger award goes to me.... I feel like I should be in a confessional box saying " its been over a week since I have blogged" so will do my own penance and blog twice a day for a week... though can you imagine how I will feel if I don not manage to do that (yikes.. it does not bear to think about!)

Anyway since I last blogged, I have tripped over in the street damaging my pride and my foot, luckily Im a fast healer so the bruising has gone down and its no longer painful.

I found my digi camera...... YAY!!! but for some reason it keeps turning itself off and will not save any pics I take... ( that will teach me to buy from Japan thinking that its a bargain.. and of course it is 2 years old and has only been used once at a James Blunt concert so maybe I am doing something wrong, it has been known even after reading the instructions!

The crafting I was doing prior to the 6th May went down really well and my god daughter was over the moan with her scrap book.. Shes taken some photos of her night out and we will scrap those together when she brings the book back in early June... I will make sure she brings her camera to upload pics of the scrapbook.... - see the confidence I have in getting mine working... yep, nil!

I am slowly and surely decluttering.. ( how many times I have done that over the years!! this time is different as there is no way I can fit the contents of this house into where I might possibly be moving. It goes deeper than that but thats for another day.

Craft wise - ahhhh that will come in part two of todays blogging, though please do not expect anything exciting, just more rambling ;-)

Monday, 5 May 2008

I have added a slideshow ( of sorts!!)

I'm sure when I have had a play with the slide show element of Picasa, that I will be able to improve on presentation but for now it looks like I have just stumbled across a way of slideshowing the photos I had on my pc....... looks this time are not deceiving as thats exactly what happened in the small hours of this morning when I should have been getting some beauty sleep... ( boy I should have been getting loads,, !!)

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Michelle has reached almost 40,000 visitors on her blog!!

Take a look over on
Michelle has in less then a year reached oodles of visitors to her blog... well worth the visit... Shes giving away really generous blog candy...

The purple blog candy is absolutely scrummy. :-)

Kitty reached 20,000 hits on her blog.

Kitty is giving away some more than generous and fabby blog candy! So pop over to Kittys Krafty Blog and take a look. Lovely blog too. :-)

Dumb and Dumber......... thats me!

Feeling well chuffed with myself that I made the last post today to ensure that a special someone gets a special something on Tuesday for her 18th Birthday... (I'll give her the link to this blog once Tuesday has been and gone) In my rush.... I forgot to take a photo of said item... luckily shes coming to stay with me soon so I'm gonna have to be cheeky and ask her to bring it back!

I'd better get a shifty on and clear up the floor which has so much dst back paper and other bits of die cut residue on it that I am ashamed of me.. !!! it was worth it though if it makes her smile.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Being really busy at the moment all craft related

I can not say why till after next Tuesday, but I am actually really pleased with what I have done up to now.. which is a strange thing for me to say as normally I'm my own worst critic about anything I make.. I just wanted to say it out loud to so speak... after all how many times do we forget to give ourselves a pat on the back. All will be revealed next week.

Whilst I'm on the back patting exercise... isn't it also funny how many including me, thought they would never be able to have a blog... being less then an expert ( much less in my case!!- btw that was a true assessment not a put down of myself) and here we are entering what we feel comfy with on the WWW for anyone to see...

So a quick *wave* to anyone passing by.. if you have'nt got a blog and really do want one, just click up there on setting up your own blog, have a play and there you go!!!

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Been a bad bad person

- and no craft purchases for a while now!!

I received a letter today stating that I stayed for 17 minutes over in the car park therefore have a £75 fine (yikes) that will go down to £50 if paid in 14 days... ( ringing them up after this posting!!) Lovely photo of my car entering and leaving the car park.....

Thankfully I had already paid for the delivery I had on Tuesday of 5 each of Sugar Nellies and Magnolia's.... NO MORE craft stuff for a while for me (insert crying face) well maybe just the Do crafts Creativity mag for a £1....

So let this be a warning....... do not linger in £1 land looking for craft bargains...